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Internet of Things IoT has transformed from just another concept to a real digital revolution. It has impacted our daily lives and continues to find new ways of having an effect. The idea behind IoT technology is to connect various devices and make them communicate over the internet. Just imagine, how your alarm clock instructs the coffee machine to brew coffee as soon as you wake up? That’s an example of connected devices through Internet of Things. We are an offshore internet of things company and offer unrivaled IoT application development services to clients who are looking to outsource their IoT Projects. We combine our profound insight about the IoT technology with the acumen of our team and the power of this technology. Every IoT solutions that we offer is customized to suit the nature of the requirement and the size of your company.`

Why Outsource IoT Development to EncodeWork?

Why IOT Development?

Internet of Things Technology is making it possible to connect many everyday gadgets. This is leading to collective intelligence and the creation of smart homes/offices. A new market of opportunity has been created by such networking of devices.

Dynamic changes happen across gadgets. This includes sleeping and waking up, connected and/or disconnected stage, changed context of gadgets (temperature, location, speed, etc.). IoT collects all this information and successfully connects all devices.

IoT is a blend of hardware, software, and sound algorithm. That makes it extremely intelligent. Such ambient intelligence enhances IOT’s ability to facilitate things to replay in a smart manner to a selected state of affairs. This also assists devices in carrying out their respective duties.

This is another key feature of Internet of Things. Connected devices on this platform all have distinct hardware structure and networks. These devices interact with different gadgets or platforms through exclusive networks. Despite these changes, IoT facilitates direct network connectivity between these devices.

Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT apps gather a large amount of data, which ultimately leads to better decision making. This is because you are not making any assumptions, and are basing your decisions on sound numbers.

Our IOT Development Expertise:

We have the aplomb to build IoT projects and provide IoT solutions that offer real-time actionable intelligence. Our expert IoT development team can consult you on navigating through interconnected smart gadgets from many different industries and market segments. With our expertise in software engineering, cloud utility improvement, records engineering, and control. we can help you draft roadmaps, prototypes, offer peer to peer capabilities, and build ideas using simulated or real devices.

This is one of the important components of our IoT services. Our team can work on various gateway designs for our customers while using specific communication technology. We are experienced in leveraging many available systems like Intel Atom Based designs and NXP IMX based arm structure for rapid development of gateway. We can also effective use many third-party tools.

There are numerous connected devices, but not all of them communicate via cloud-based app or platform. One needs to develop a path for information to flow between these devices. Our team can offer exhaustive Internet of Things cloud services. The Internet of Things solutions that we develop are proven to reduce network latency. Along with that, our IoT solutions offer end-to-end security as well as scalability.

IoT is not just about connecting devices, but about carving out smart solutions from the same. We can build smart applications for both indoor as well outdoor needs. You can even turn your home or office into a smart home or smart office. We have the desired acumen to seamlessly integrate different devices and connect them work together for a goal.

Integration of Internet of Things IoT systems is equally as important as any other tasks. We have on our team data scientists and certified IOT developers to achieve this task. Our developers are highly trained and have the expertise in IT, engineering domain and analytics ecosystem, IOT gateway framework, etc.