Case Study: Fitness Club Management

Industry: Healthcare & Fitness


The Client is an industry leader in delivering a complete range of rehabilitation, health, safety and injury management solutions. The Client partners with coaches and businesses to identify services that will be best suited for achieving timely, cost effective and sustainable outcome for Athletes.

Business Need

Client was looking for a centralized system to convert their manual efforts into digital solution to manage exercise, injury and fitness details of Athletes.

Client Situation

Client was concerned about absence of centralized solution to handle fitness and injuries related issues for athletes. This was critically required for the client to stay ahead in digital era due to competitive market.

Client expected to have following features in targeted solution

  • Calendar – Event listing
  • Coach and Member Centralize System
  • Attendance management
  • Skill assessment
  • Injury reporting


PhoneGap, JQuery, Javascript

Recommended Solution

EncodeWork team provided desired solution, Few highlights –

  • Solutions provides facility to manage different roles in the system, like Gym Owner, Gym Manager, Coach and Member
  • Gym owner can have System Admin Role. Gym manager can have a role play as head coach.
  • Coach can manage team, per event and per member attendance records, skill assessment, injury report, monitor single/recurring events easily and effortlessly.
  • Exercise status can be easily managed which helps coach to plan fitness activities accordingly.
  • Introduced important features for Athletes Injury related detail, reports and timely alerts.


  • Mobile app has changed the way Gym Management coaches organize their teams and their practices.
  • It enabled coaches to efficiently make practice agenda, injury reports, and track both attendance and skill building right on their phone.
  • Coaches can have improved due diligence in ensuring prerequisite completion, document warm ups and drills, track athlete involvement and identify areas for improvements in terms of ensuring athlete safety
  • Complex team structure and member allocation is now easy to manage