MERN React Developer

Surat, Gujarat

Full Time

Our MERN stack team is passionate about technology, and we love building scalable web solutions keeping performance in mind.We're looking for a full stack developer that has experience developing a variety of Web Apps using the MERN stack. You should be able to comfortably move between the client and server-side code written with JavaScript/TypeScript.

Role + Responsibilities:

  • Work with the team to design, develop and support scalable applications

  • Implementing elegant, intuitive user experience using the latest front-end technologies.

  • Integrating global state solutions using Redux / MobX or any other state management library.

  • Developing API's and designing the data architecture using web frameworks like Express.

  • Write, test, and release production-ready code.

  • Work with our DevOps team to ensure continuous deployments of our applications

  • Person Specification and Qualifications:

  • Experience developing highly scalable services and APIs

  • Knowledge of data modelling and database performance using NoSQL/SQL

  • Strong experience with JS library and ecosystems of React.

  • Familiarity developing SaaS applications in AWS/Azure

  • In-depth knowledge of designing and developing software in distributed architectures for multi-tier applications

  • Plus points

    if you're familiar with the following:

  • Experience with deployment and CI/CD is a plus!

  • TypeScript implementation with Frontend or Backend applications

  • Knowledge of GraphQL and it's libraries like Apollo, Prisma

  • Have worked with Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai like testing libraries

  • Knowledge of document, key/value or other non-relational database systems such as Elastic Search, Redis, HBase, BigTable, DynamoDB, MongoDB

  • Application will be send securely and remain private